Jacks or Better Video Poker

Net Entertainment is a good example of a company that does video poker right, and their Double Up version of Jacks or Better shows that in a major way. It's such a good version of the game because it has all of the features that give players a rich experience like the gamble option where you can go double or nothing with your winnings. It also has a crisp interface and the most favorable pay table that you'll find anywhere on the Internet.

Basic Strategy for Jacks or Better

Most people don't need help to know that they should keep a single pair or four cards to a strong draw in a video poker game like this one. However, what is tricky is knowing what to do when you have two (or even three) good options for playing your hand. Picking the best option among a handful that are reasonable is the key to strategy in Jacks or Better because it's such a straight-forward game.

Here are a few guidelines that will cover most of the difficult situations you'll encounter in this game. First off, four to a royal flush is always stronger than a made straight or flush (but not stronger than a made straight flush). A high pair of jacks or better is better than four to a flush, but it's important to realize that three to a royal is also better than four to a flush. However, a high pair gives a better average payout than three to a royal.

A four-card flush draw is always stronger than a low pair (a pair that doesn't have its own payout). With that having been said, low pairs are in turn better than all open-ended straight draws with exactly one exception. The exception to this rule is when you hold KQJTT with no flush draw. In this particular case, because of the power of the high cards, keeping KQJT is better than keeping TT, but this is the only exception to the rule.


Jacks or Better is the video poker game that all players should start with. The basics that you learn in this game will carry with you throughout every other form of video poker you play, and NetEnt's Double Up version is one of the best options you could choose for this particular game.